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“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.” Nelson Mandela

The executive short MBA Leaders of Sport Academies program is a joint program from International Leadership & Business Academy, Netherlands Business Academy and City Campus Dordrecht in collaboration with top European sport organizations. This short executive MBA program is designed for sport academies that are looking to position or reposition their role in the “sport participation society”. The sport participation society goes beyond the buzzword. There is a need for an interdisciplinary approach that brings together the management of sport academies. The parties in the sport market have gradually concluded that sport academies for young people have many social dynamics, which must be organized in a very specific way. Sport academies play a decisive role in the contact between sport and society. In addition to fulfilling the core task, the sport academy is increasingly becoming a citizenship educator.

The executive short MBA for leaders of sport academies is aimed at directors who work at the strategical level (or aspire towards a career at the strategical level) in sport organizations and are interested in updating their knowledge and skills in various areas of business management and strategy determination and mirroring colleagues at the same level. In this short executive MBA program, all subjects from the regular MBA Leaders in Sport are worked out in a short and concise manner, one theme per day, whereby the participants are expected to translate this knowledge into their own working environment.

The biggest challenge in leadership is to respond to the changes in our future. For several decades, leadership has been about inspiring and motivating employees. Today, this is especially important because of the battle for talent. Good people are scarce; therefore, we must ensure an attractive working environment, and employees must connect with the vision, values, ​​and standards of the organization. People often consider personal development more important than material rewards.

To thinkabout talent management in an organization or team is not just to think about the top talents. We give the latter special attention, but real talent management is using the full potential of all the people in the team. If the whole team is performing at its maximum, the special qualities of the stars can be used to the maximum. To develop people, we must understand their personality, character, behaviour, (potential) intelligence, and competences. In this effort, the following aspects are important:

Are we clear about the potential of people? Do we develop people’s skills according to their talents?

People’s character develops over years. Under normal circumstances, we can predict the development of character, and thereby help develop them more efficiently and effectively. It is all about talents in the mind. Are we successful in talent management in this regard?

The present time presents an even greater challenge. The themes of meaning, sustainability, and social involvement play an increasingly important role. Sustainability is also about the person themselves. “Wellbeing” and “work-life balance” are just English terms, but how do we make policy toward these? How do we turn this challenge into an opportunity?

This short executive MBA is realized in a substantively strong business management program that is interwoven with several relevant topics and current issues from the sport sector, including inspiration sessions.

Why Is this Program Unique?

The short executive MBA program Leaders of Sport Academies is the only integrated international study program in the Czech Republic that links theory from different disciplines to practical experiences and is directly linked to practice in the world of sport.

International Network

An interdisciplinary curriculum is being designed in collaboration with several European sport academies and institutions of higher education. Students can participate in international internships with top European sport academies. This experience and network of contacts will offer them the opportunity to grow into international, all-round managers who know how to combine knowledge of sport processes with innovative business insight. Students from different countries are involved in the project over multiple weeks. This program will enable you to combine business knowledge with the sport and education sectors.

Internationally Renowned Guest Teachers

In addition to the teachers of International Leadership & Business Academy, we also work with renowned guest teachers with specific knowledge and practical experience from the field of sport.

Practically Oriented

During this program, students will discuss developments in their work environments. Attention will be given to the subjects indicated in the overview, but there is ample room for topics brought in by the participants.

Why this Program?

  • Existing concepts, models and new developments in sport business administration fields are studied and discussed.
  • This short executive MBA offers a broad basic knowledge of all modules from the full MBA Leaders in Sport in a few weeks.
  • This course is a good fit if you are looking for an MBA foundation without investing more time and money in a full MBA, or if you are considering doing the full MBA at a later stage.
  • In those areas where the student has specific interests or needs additional training, we offer more extensive masterclasses in the subjects in question.
  • This program offers students a chance to learn with and from other international students from different backgrounds and work environments.
  • The teachers and professors are all experts in their own professional field, which guarantees translation of business theories into practical examples. The students are invited to bring in practical examples themselves so that these can be discussed during lectures.

Why Should You Do this MBA Short Program?

During this study program, integrating different management aspects and functions is an important key point with the aim of knowledge integration. The training broadens skills by taking disciplines as a starting point to improve on the integral and critical view that can be expected of managers.

  • Access to high-quality knowledge from international networks
  • Renowned international guest teachers
  • Part-time training for professionals
  • Small interactive study groups
  • Side-events abroad
  • Financial options

Who is this Program for?

After successfully completing this study program, you will be entitled to call yourself an expert in sport organization leadership. You are an all-round manager who can combine knowledge of sport processes with innovative business insight. You are part of a high-quality knowledge network that will be invaluable. The training is designed for (future) managers in the broad sector of sport or for those from other disciplines who want to play a key role in the necessary (re)positioning of sport institutions in the “sport participation society”. Among the students from sport academies, we have managers of sport clubs, national associations, government sport organizations, sport event providers, sport foundations, etc. Graduates of this study program can excel in the following professions:

  • Leader of sport organizations, companies, and governmental institutions
  • Director, (General) Manager (CEO)
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Member of a management team
  • Member of international networks of sport experts
  • Adviser/Consultant


This study program covers a variety of fields. In this course, you will learn the latest theories in the field of leadership and new methodologies for positioning your institution, and you will gain insight into the most important issues concerning sport academies. You will gain knowedge of business processes, change management, market developments, policy, and strategy. In addition to the business process themes, you will attend a variety of inspirational lectures on various current sport topics. Alongside theory, there is ample room for practice.The students are invited to bring in practical examples themselves to be discussed during the lectures. You will bring your own cases to the study program and apply the knowledge gained, which allows you to apply theory directly into practice. The teachers and professors are all experts in their own professional field, which guarantees a translation of business theories into practical examples. During discussions with our international teachers and your classmates, you will improve your communication skills and substantiate your arguments with the most recent academic literature. You will become an effective manager who knows how to give their organization a place in society.

It is important to first get to know yourself, then scan your environment, and then make the optimal choice for putting the team together. You do not renew and change on your own. You will learn leadership concepts, principles, and strategies, which form important starting points for further personal and professional development. You will develop management skills and learn how to implement leadership philosophies and vision in the international sport environment.

Program Accreditation

The Leaders of Sport Academies study program is NVAO accredited.


Self-management, Leadership & Coaching

3 days

Strategic management

1 day

Marketing & Sales

1 day

Finance Management & Control

1 day

Human Resource Management

1 day

Project Management

1 day

ICT & Information Management

1 day

Change Management

1 day

Leadership, Ethics

1 day

Inspirational Lectures from the Sport

3 days

Admission Requirements

You should have at least 3 years of relevant work experience, or have already completed a bachelor degree before starting this program. This program makes it possible to take the next step to realize your ambitions in your career and is a potential stepping stone to our complete MBA.

Language Requirements

Literature, lectures, and coaching is given in English. If you do not have a sufficient level of English to be able to follow the lectures, on request, we can provide a translation into Czech for you.

Duration and Study Load

Outside of class hours, you must count on a reasonable study load per week for writing your assignments. If you want a more detailed timetable, please contact one of our study advisors. 

Lecture Days

The study program starts with a kick-off course from May 4th to 7th 2022. The first 3 days are blocked together in a kick-off session focussing on themes of personal leadership and self-management: a great way to get to know your fellow students, but also yourself! This kick-off session will be a combination of indoor and outdoor activities all focused on leadership and communication.

Lectures in this distance study program will be provided through online on Tuesday afternoons and evenings. Consultation meetings will take place Tuesday mornings. Together with your fellow participants, you will work on cases and assignments, prepare presentations, and comment on each other’s work. The study load is 10 hours of self-study per week. If you want more detailed information about the timetable of this study program, please contact info@ilba.academy.


Contact days in the Czech Republic will be held in Prague.


The total educational costs are 4 800€. This amount does not include literature, living costs, accommodation costs, or VAT.

Payment in instalments is possible. If you want more detailed information about financial options, please contact: info@ilba.academy


Internationally Renowned Guest Teachers

Within the MBA Leaders in Sport, in addition to the teachers of International Leadership & Business Academy, we also work with renowned guest teachers with specific knowledge and practical experience from the world of top sport.

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